Monday, September 29, 2014

Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy cigarette brand was initially launched in 1936 in USA, being the merchandise of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company. Till present days the brand is considered as one of the most original cigarette brands in the history of tobacco industry, as its owner sought to focus on the milestone changes in technologies used in manufacturing of Viceroy cigarettes, their interesting package design and tobacco taste.

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In 1936 Viceroy became the first cigarette brand to be equipped with combined cork-tipped and cellulose acetate filter system. In that time it was and unique technology consisting in retains of the harmful substances in the filters offering effective protection from the chemicals found in the cigarette smoke. Besides, there were established an acetate filter system that helped to cover harshness of the smoke, making it easier to puff. This innovation became rapidly very popular on tobacco market and industry.

Nowadays, Viceroy brand is owned by British American Tobacco, and is one of the most important  global brands. Although, the brand is not getting marketing support in the United States, it is one of the fastest-growing type of cigarettes on European and Asian continent.

viceroy red, blue, silver
Viceroy cigarettes have a positive status among adult smokers, due to the original taste, stimulating flavor and outstanding quality. However, the major advantage is the pleasantly low price of this brand on the market. There are several; types of Viceroy cigarettes which vary according to the amount of nicotine and tar.

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  1. Oh, Viceroys are legendary cigarettes! They changed their design but taste is the same. Viceroy Blue is strong for those who love real tobacco taste!